aRt of fRiendship (Marc Lapierre)

aRt of fRiendship (Marc Lapierre)

Through our journey--Rejecks has been able to meet some great people. In 2013, at Hartford's Comic-con-- we met artists Matt Ryan and Marc Lapierre. Not only did we find great artists, but great people as well. Both artists helped Rejecks with concept work and creative ideas for our designs. Marc capture our eyes with his Ninja Turtles  commission piece, which had great detail imagery. We asked Marc if he was willing to help Rejecks become something special, and the rest was histoRy. 

Marc Lapierre is currently located in Springfield, MA were he does numerous pop-up shops in the northeast area. Displaying his work as a cartoonist, Illustrator, and freelancer. Marc is an artist for the popular webcomic "SuperFogeys", with creator and writer Brock Heasley. The comic book is based on superheroes and where they go for retirement. The comic features, romances, punch lines, and great personalities. 

Marc was able to design five concept artwork for Rejecks. 

Marc's illustration design

It's Rejecks, Normal is dead, Why so different, batters up, and Just spell it

When you see Marc's artwork, you truly his passion through his work.  We hope to continue showcase Marc's design in the coming future.  


Thank you Marc!




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