aRt of fRiendship (Matt Ryan)

aRt of fRiendship (Matt Ryan)

Over the past three years, Rejecks has been able to meet some great people. This all came true in 2013, at Hartford's Comic-con--when we met artists Matt Ryan and Marc Lapierre. Our mission was to find two highly talented artists, whom were willing to work with Rejecks. However, not only were we able to find two artists--but great people as well. 

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has been producing quality work and lessons for over fifteen years. He has created character designs and comics for large and small companies, published his own comics, painted and illustrated for gaming cds, package designs and has taken his lessons and workshops to a larger audience. Located in East Granby, CT Matt does his freelance work, teaches groups and privately in comic themed workshops and classes as well as hosts special art events there. Matt’s philosophy is to produce a quality product. To bring life to a new visual rendering of the client’s vision, be it either package design, character concepts, sequential art or any other task at hand. To checkout some of Matt's work go to 

Matt Ryan has design three images for Rejecks over the past three years. In addition to designing the shirts, Matt is currently illustrating Rejecks first comic book.

Illustrations design by Matt Ryan: I am Rejeck, supeRnoRmal and I-scReam 

Thanks Matt!






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