Running Strong

We at Rejecks can't express how humbled we've been this past year. Today will mark our one year anniversary of the Rejecks brand. With your support we were able to continue our brand and motivate individuals on being different. Our message has always been for those without a voice, to have their voices heard . This is the time to break from your shell of fear, insecurity and emptiness. We hope with our new designs, that it creates a stir of creativity and makes you want to show off your gear. Rejecks is needed more than ever at this time--with your support we can continue our creative process to help our community, nation and the world. 

We are lucky enough to work with some talented artists, who are able to convey our message. Not only are we able to express our message through design, but are happy to announce our upcoming comic series. Introducing Sarah Blaze and Ty Chillings will help many of our youth will give our audience a better understand of the Rejecks mission.  We want to relate to the every day kid with situations, that are happening in our everyday life. We want their story to be the reality of why we as a whole need to help each other.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who has supported us and who continue to express their creativity thru Rejecks. 


With Love,

Chad and Stephanie 

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