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Attention: Unavailable Products

Attention: Unavailable Products

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to some of our items unavailability.  

School of Rejecks takes pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, we did not meet your—or our own—expectations. Once this situation is sorted out, we at School of Rejecks will update everyone. We appreciate your patience and please continue to support the movement. If you have any questions, please email us at


Thank you, 

Team Rejecks



A dictionaRy foR upcoming entRepReneuRs

A dictionaRy foR upcoming entRepReneuRs

Johnny Cupcake has recently delivered a new way of marketing in the entrepreneur world.  Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Bakerzine! A catalog that  features the brands history, articles about products, projects, and customers. Johnny gives more to his audiences rather then the typical buy and sale theme. You'll be able to read how Johnny built "customer loyalty". As he encourages other entrepreneurs to "do what makes you happy", with his "tips on focusing" and "looking back". Johnny gives stragies on how to become an successful entrepreneurs ( but in Johnny's format ). In our opinion, one of the best articles in each month's zine is the Cupcaker of the month. In this article, Johnny's supporters able to share their love and experience towards the brand. The Cupcaker of the month is the perfect way to display gratitude to a fan base. Great job Johnny!

Studio8Sixty T-Fund Campaign

Hartford's own studio8sixty has been one of Rejecks biggest supporters over the past couple of years. But today we're asking you to support a great cause. Studio eight sixty has started a campaign that assist in providing scholarships for the youth in the Hartford area.  With it's cultural and diverse background-- Studio8sixty  is looking to further their training in the art of dance. The youth has been performing both local and national events, participating as a unified dance team. In addition to dancing in competition, the dynamic group are mentors in various outreach programs in the city of Hartford. 

We at Rejecks have attended many of Studio8sixty events, which we are delighted to support.  Please lend a hand and support a positive campaign for the youth of Connecticut.




Rejeck USA Order Deadlines

Reminder specially with holidays coming up, that you get your orders shipped out on time before Christmas!

We can't wait to see how many people you'll be surprising with some of our new Rejeck gear.

Running Strong

We at Rejecks can't express how humbled we've been this past year. Today will mark our one year anniversary of the Rejecks brand. With your support we were able to continue our brand and motivate individuals on being different. Our message has always been for those without a voice, to have their voices heard . This is the time to break from your shell of fear, insecurity and emptiness. We hope with our new designs, that it creates a stir of creativity and makes you want to show off your gear. Rejecks is needed more than ever at this time--with your support we can continue our creative process to help our community, nation and the world. 

We are lucky enough to work with some talented artists, who are able to convey our message. Not only are we able to express our message through design, but are happy to announce our upcoming comic series. Introducing Sarah Blaze and Ty Chillings will help many of our youth will give our audience a better understand of the Rejecks mission.  We want to relate to the every day kid with situations, that are happening in our everyday life. We want their story to be the reality of why we as a whole need to help each other.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who has supported us and who continue to express their creativity thru Rejecks. 


With Love,

Chad and Stephanie