The Rejecks

The Concept

The concept of Rejecks originated as the story of us—Sarah and Ty—navigating their way through the journey and struggles of high school. Both characters are different from the rest of their peers—each unalike in their own way. Our designs depict the challenges and funny scenarios that arise on their unique paths. Rejecks conceived of its graphic tee and clothing brand as a canvas to transform and illuminate the portrayal of “rejects” in society.


 Be different.  Creativity fascinated me for as long as I can remember.  Over the years, my passion for creative expression grew—from art to music to fashion—the originality and boldness of my influences inspired me to be different.  My love of collecting tees with original and imaginative graphics motivated me to start my own unique graphic tee business.  My greatest influences for Rejecks stem from 90s pop culture—from Johnny Cupcakes and Kyle Crawford to LA Gears, Busta Rhymes, Duckman, and Child’s Play.  The 90s encouraged me to think outside the box—there was no normal—and dared me to unleash my creative spirit.  
 I first encountered Johnny Cupcakes in 2008 when I came upon his store in Boston.  Walking into Johnny's store, I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail devoted to making the bakery concept come to life.  Even though I was in a clothing store, Johnny truly captured his artistic vision by immersing his consumers in an environment that was a real-life extension of his imagination.  At that moment, I realized that attention to "detail" is critical to being successful.  As well, Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie motivated me to express my own passions through tees and accessories.  He shared his passion for 80s and 90s pop culture—and zombies—through his tees.  Crawford’s love for zombies, the WWE, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instantly grabbed my attention and the honesty of his blog only furthered my interest in him.  
 These people and the culture of the 90s inspired me to make my own creative legacy—and to be bold about it.  I wanted to share my love and passion for detailed imagery and pop culture with others through my own designs.  Then, in came Stephanie who shared my ambition to create—as well as a love for graphic tees and 80s & 90s pop culture, and our partnership was born.  Along with our shared interests and passions, we both wanted to capture these ideas through our tees.  
 And so, Stephanie and I started on the path to bring you Rejecks.  We hope to share our interests and passion—and our individual creativity—through each shirt with all of our fellow Rejecks!
I am different than most.  Never one to be stuck in the books—I dazed off to another world.  My imagination would carry me away but I was simultaneously fueled and inspired by the people around me.  As a kid, I fueled my imagination by getting lost in cartoons, listening to my diverse collection of music, and watching every movie I possibly could. I was also inspired by creative visionaries such as Jim Henson, Michael Jackson, Rick Baker, M.C. Escher, Mr. Rogers, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Earle, David Blaine and Tim Burton.  I put my creativity to work by making obstacle courses for ants, fun houses for kids, and even homemade movies.    

I began working for my family business at a young age and discovered my entrepreneurial spirit early on.  I began selling cakes, candy, bracelets and empanadas and through this experience, I knew that I was meant to build and manage something distinctly my own.  Moreover, my enthusiasm for the pursuit of new ideas never ceased.  

My upbringing had its share of tough times and always kept that part of my life private—but these challenging experiences taught me the importance of perseverance and made me into a strong, hardworking, and humble individual.  During my teens, bad energy tainted my life and compromised my path.  I did not give in to the pressure, however, and had to believe that I always had another chance to change—to start again.  Then one day, I took this opportunity and never looked back.

Starting Rejecks with Chad saved my life—it gave me an understanding of who I am and a chance to relive my youthful pastime of getting lost in my imagination and the creative process.  Moreover, I am able to express myself as the person I have always wanted to be.  Rejecks gave me the chance to share what inspired me as a kid with the world—and introduce you to Sarah!