The Concept

The concept for School of Rejecks originated as the story from Sarah and Ty—navigating their way through the journey and struggles of high school. Both characters are different from the rest of their peers—each unique in their own way. My designs/characters depict the challenges and funny scenarios that arise on their paths. School of Rejecks conceived of its apperal and comics as a canvas to transform and illuminate the portrayal of “rejects” in society.



Be different. 


 Over the years, my passion for creative expression grew—from art to music to fashion—the originality and boldness of my influences inspired me to be different.  My love of collecting tees with original and imaginative graphics motivated me to start my own unique graphic tee business.  My greatest influences for School of Rejecks stem from 90s pop culture—from LA Gears, Busta Rhymes, Duckman, and Child’s Play.  The 90s encouraged me to think outside the box—there was no normal—and dared me to unleash my creative spirit.  

 However,  Johnny Cupcakes made me believe that I can make my passion into a inspiring business.  Walking into Johnny's store, I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail devoted to making the bakery concept come to life.  Even though I was in a clothing store, Johnny truly captured his artistic vision by immersing his consumers in an environment that was a real-life extension of his imagination.  At that moment, I realized that attention to "detail" is critical to being successful.  As well, Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie motivated me to express my own passions through tees and accessories.  He shared his passion for 80s and 90s pop culture—and zombies—through his tees.  Crawford’s love for zombies, the WWE, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instantly grabbed my attention and the honesty of his blog only furthered my interest in him.  

 These people and the culture of the 90s inspired me to make not only apparel, but comic books as well.  I wanted to share my life experiences with the youth, while giving them detailed imagery through my comics. In hopes to enlighten the youth to understanding how to deal with certain situations.  

Then, in came School of Rejecks where I shared my ambition to create—a positive message. With the influence of 80s & 90s pop culture School of Rejecks was born.   And so, I started on the path to bring you apparel, but ended up bring you a beautiful story called School of Rejecks.  I hope to share my interests, passion—and creativity—through each Comic book series with all of my fellow Rejecks!